ABout BPC Insurance Group

Our Mission

BPC Insurance Group are general insurance Brokers. We  help businesses and individuals obtain quality insurance solutions. 

We make insurance easy by removing the complexity away from insurance to provide a solution for your peace of mind.

If things go wrong we are there to help you. 



Do you know what your options are? 

Do you know what you are covered for?

Insurance is expensive. Not all policies are the same. 

Speak to someone about your options. 



We tailor options for your review. We have access to a huge number of  insurers. 

We approach the insurers to provide you with a range of options for your review. 

Once the policy is due for renewal we ensure you maintain competitive terms.



You buy insurance to protect yourself when things go wrong.  

We provide expert claims management including lodgement, negotiation and  settlement.   

We have a vast array of industry experts we can call upon to ensure a good claims outcome.